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Why ShimmerCat?

Because website speed is the most important factor for e-commerce user experience and revenue

Every millisecond a website visitor waits for a page is bad for business.
What if your website could be faster by predicting and start working with the requests that are going to happen in the next few seconds?
What if a software could make your standard website load between 30% and 60% faster?

That is the new reality for your e-commerce website with ShimmerCat.


With a disruptive software solution with high end web-hosting and machine learning

The web can be faster. Browser-makers and big IT actors like Google and Facebook have been creating ground technologies that allow for a faster web, for example, HTTP/2 and HTTP/2 Push, TLS 1.3, TCP Fast Connect, and QUIC. The problem is that mainstream web applications, like the ones powering e-commerces world-wide are not specially built for any of this technologies, so they don’t benefit from any of them.

But ShimmerCat is different.


ShimmerCat makes e-commerce websites faster and more intelligent

You can now learn, predict, and act pro-actively on web-traffic. Connect to widespread, in-use web applications like WordPress + WooCommerce, OpenCart, Spree Commerce, and Magento and start to leverage network latency counter-measures for traditional web applications. The results give e-commerce website owners a 30% to 60% speedup on top anything they can get after throwing in all the conventional web applications.

ShimmerCat - the gate to grow your e-commerce

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