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"We have experienced huge speed improvement compared to previous hosting solutions, and the service and support is also significantly better"


With several big brands such as IKEA, Nordea, and Samsung in their customer portfolio, Easy Online Stores is a leading supplier of modern print and promotional products for companies. At their web shop, www.easytryck.se, customers can upload their logo and instantly see how it looks on any of the promotional products and clothing available. Since April 2017, Easy Online Stores has chosen ShimmerCat as their supplier for of their complete IT infrastructure.


How does ShimmerCat help Easy Online Stores?

ShimmerCat administers and manages the hosting of our web shops.

Why did you choose ShimmerCat?

In connection to a major update of our web shop platform, we also wanted to improve the performance of our web server. After some googling on new technologies such as HTTP/2, we noticed that ShimmerCat was literally the only service provider that focused on that type of server solutions. We contacted them and quickly noticed that ShimmerCat stood out from other web server vendors since they have a genuine interest in delivering solutions according to our wishes and requirements.

What is the result of the collaboration with ShimmerCat?

We have experienced huge speed improvement compared to previous hosting solutions, and the service and support is also significantly better.

How do you experience the service and support, has it been in line with your expectations?

Absolutely. Fast and competent. We appreciate having direct contact with dedicated technicians at ShimmerCat.

What features would you like from ShimmerCat in the future?

Hard to answer right now. We are very happy with the service, and the possibility to build goals together with ShimmerCat. We know that we will have the best solution also in the future.

You will soon launch a new website and later this year you will make an international venture. Tell us more?

For a long time, we have invested resources in developing an industry-driven web shop that differs significantly from our competitors in terms of functionality and user experience. We think the result is so good that it deserves a broader market than only Sweden, where we sell today. Therefore, initially, after testing it in Sweden, we will launch the same web shop in Australia. The launch is expected to take place at the turn of the year 2017/2018. If everything works out as it should we will also launch the web shop in more exciting countries in which we see great potential for our business.


"The team of Easy Online Stores has a simple vision: to put glamorous promotions widget at the reach of everybody. They not only have the best equipment and the best customer service, but they also went all the way and hired a very talented web developer. Using the latest web technologies, they created a top-notch website that allows their customers to preview custom-made orders, cutting the time to product delivery by several weeks. Alas, they soon learned that a serious operation requires a lot of work.  By teaming with ShimmerCat for Business, they were able to put the new system online on their own, while having the peace of mind of having a team of experts constantly optimizing the delivery of the thousands of images that make up their website to customers on all kinds of devices, scheduling regular backups, monitoring the performance of their systems 24x7, attending to their IT security, and being ready for whenever they need to scale up their processing power."

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