Why are we loading web pages the slow way?

If you are a web developer, you probably already know that the time a person is waiting for a site to load represents lost opportunity and lost business. What you probably don’t know is that for the vast majority of sites and for most of the loading process, the browser is idly waiting for data…

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AI to make your e-commerce faster

For e-commerce, slow websites mean losing profits. But e-commerce sites need to balance the speed requirement with lots of attractive images, the transition of customers to mobile devices, enhanced security, and many other website  features. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help in all these fronts. Indeed, the use of these techniques to defuse security…

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The importance of latency and loading times in e-commerce

Website loading time has become a crucial e-commerce feature, and it is therefore important to understand the factors associated with website speed. Latency is a critical component that directly affects the website speed – it is the time taken to send data from your server to your website visitors. Here we will learn more about latency,…

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Top 3 reasons your mobile site is slow

A mobile site is like a backpack — it can be a neat and organized way to carry what you need, as long as you don’t overload it. If you overload your backpack, not only will it weigh you down, but the items in your bag could get wrinkled, bruised or damaged from overcrowding. Here…

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How a smarter web stack can make your e-commerce faster

This article is part of a series on what makes ShimmerCat for Business unique, explained via views in our customers’ dashboard. We will start with the “Intelligence/Generals” view in the dashboard, and a brief discussion of how we use some of the technical data our platform collects. Full stack monitoring, integrated The word “integrated” is…

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Get To Know Everything About The Top 5 E-commerce Platforms

The e-commerce platform market has evolved over the years, bringing in new features and inbuilt plugins. If you are starting your own e-commerce store, you can choose from a number of different platforms that suit your needs. At times it can be difficult for people, who are new to the digital world, to figure out…

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The website optimization toolbox for e-commerce

All of these tools can be used to reduce website loading times: Browser caching Proxy caching (CDNs, Varnish) Asset compression (GZip vs Brottli vs Custom, and different levels of compression) Image optimization, delivery, and resolution adjustment for correct viewport size HTTP/2 server push and resource priorities Service workers and advanced offline and in-advance-caching strategies Asset…

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