ShimmerCat Accelerator

Enter the best HTTP/2 web-server combined with Push technology and AI features

AI-powered web-accelerator for e-commerce

Replace your conventional edge server and boost your website. Perfect if you already have invested in premium hosting and backend services

How it works

ShimmerCat Accelerator takes the place of a conventional edge server and optimizes your website with HTTP/2 Push and machine learning

ShimmerCat Accelerator runs inside one or more Docker containers, handling HTTP requests from website visitors and forwarding requests to your application backend


ShimmerCat Accelerator enables performance optimizations without any changes to your website

ShimmerCat Accelerator provides an automatic way of going beyond hand-made conventional optimizations, at a fraction of the cost and with transparent results


For ShimmerCat Accelerator you run your application backend as usual in your servers, and that includes the database.

ShimmerCat Accelerator access files in the same way as your traditional web server, so you update things in the same way you do today


ShimmerCat Accelerator developed in HTTP/2 for speed,  security, and the possibility of performance optimizations never seen before.

ShimmerCat Accelerator is also unique in the sense that Javascript is not needed to make optimizations, i.e. no changes to the website.

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