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You get things that you can't get anywhere else. We offer you superior technology that you can’t find somewhere else. We measure how long each individual request takes, how much database load each request produces, which images are most likely to be served in each page fetch, which IP address represent human visitors and which represent bots, and much much more. Then we use all that data to feed our inference engines, which make decisions that improve or fix the system. Just like in a living organism.

We do this with our very own web server software that is able to capture much of the data that we need, but is also able to act on the decisions of the inference engine. Does that IP address represent a bot? Then it should get its data after the humans that are visiting the site at the same time. Is it likely that the category page need a specific set of images? Then let's leverage HTTP/2 Push to start delivering them even before the backend starts delivering the HTML response.

Of course, we are working all the time to also improve the visibility of your infrastructure for your in-house developers. You also get your own MySQL database server, not shared with anybody else. Equally non-shared with anybody else, you also get a Redis and a Mongo database, configured and ready to use.

Everything in the service is ready to scale and adapt to more traffic, via Docker swarms: your application backend, our web servers, and even your database(s).

Behind the scenes we also provide premium image optimization service. You get 24x7 monitoring, with fixes. That is, if there are downtime issues with your site, we will intervene immediately.

ShimmerCat was founded by scientist to make a difference. The two early founders Ludvig and Alcides have dedicated more than 20 years combined to make ShimmerCat what it is today.

Enough about us. Now we want to know more about you? Contact us and we make a plan together to make sure that you have the best for you.

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