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Welcome to ShimmerCat! Google describes our services as awesome. We are a nerdy but cool deep tech company with our own machine learning platform that creates fast websites all over the globe. You can take a coffee with us in Stockholm or Umeå if you are in Sweden, or visit our office in Tampa, US.


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ShimmerCat's top features:

  • Automatically optimizes delivery of web resources to browsers, by leveraging HTTP/2 Push and preload link headers in a way which is more efficient for your each individual website visitors, considering his or her network connectivity and cached contents, and page fetch.
  • Uses the time during which the backend is processing a request to send in advance assets needed by that request to the visitor.
  • Filters out traffic from pernicious bots and automatic optimize your loading times based on your own data.


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Strategic Asset Delivery

Some pages at your website are slow and some pages are fast, so it makes sense to handle them in a slightly different way. With a model of which requests are most likely to fall in each category, ShimmerCat can decide on the best strategy. It can also set asset priorities with focus on your website visitors, so that they can start interacting with your site right away.

HTTP/2 Push

The web normally works by pulling assets: as soon as the browser knows that it needs a script, a stylesheet or an image, it pulls it from the server. HTTP/2 Push instead allows the server to take the initiative by sending assets it knows the browser is going to need ahead of time. The tricky part is making good use of it. This is done automatically with ShimmerCat.


ShimmerCat performs data-analysis to optimize your website traffic. To do that we allocate storage and computing capacity for each domain we process data on. In practice, this means that ShimmerCat licenses are not tied to a specific number of servers. In other words, you can run the web server distribution in an unlimited number of your own machines.

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